Our Alumni Community

Our alumni are essential in keeping the club going; with generous donations, visits to coach, imparting their wisdom, and membership to our alumni club – Castrum.  Members remain an important part of the LUBC community long after they graduate. This club is a family – the continued return of alumni members year on year to our Alumni events and to support us at races is a testament to that! Our Alumni Relations Officer Julia asked our past members what LUBC gave them. See some of their responses below!

LUBC gave me the best of friends I could ever ask for, and the biggest sense of pride when winning a home Roses in my final year (even if it did result in a dip in the Lune!)

Amelia Robinson Cox 2015-2018, Novice Women's Captain 2017-2018

A wife, two best men, a cycle across Spain and a love for the sport which sees me plying the trade down in Dorset, as well as a record (attempt!) row around GB.

Nigel Charles

LUBC turned me from a stroppy teenager into someone with responsibility, who could finally use my stubbornness for something positive. I got a couple of slipped disks, a world record, and a fiance. LUBC will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Hannah PennSenior Women's Captain 2018-2019

I was studying abroad and was lucky enough to end up at Lancaster. The friends I made are friends for life and the memories are some of my best ever. I'm glad to see how the club has grown - even the kit is better!

Mark Anthony

Being Women's Captain in my third year and Club Captain in my Masters year definitely helped me career-wise! I met my husband at LUBC in my third year and we now have an 18 month old daughter and another baby due at the end of May. Friends I have kept in touch with from uni are all from LUBC!

Alice Lees 2009-2013