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BUCS Head was due to be held over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of February on the River Tyne. Unfortunately for our Novice crews, Novice categories were cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

Senior events were moved to the Sunday, and the competing crews and a number of supporters made the journey to Newcastle, with a delightful departure time from Lancaster of 4:30AM.

Whilst the weather conditions were appalling, the results pulled in by ourĀ  crews were anything but! The Senior Men’s 8+ placed 9th, beating York by 40 seconds! The Senior Women’s 4+ then did one better by coming 8th against some terrific competition. Both crews did LUBC proud, with these being the highest placings of senior boats at BUCS Head over the last few years.

Senior Men’s VIII+ (Stroke to Bow) – Ben Hussey, Will Berridge, Toby Gilmore, Nathan Lingham, Alex Tulett, Jamie Mellor, Jack Mellor, Seb Hiller. Coxed by Helen Craven.

Senior Women’s IV+ (Stroke to Bow) – Nicola Fleck, Lucy Tunn, Kathryn Salt, Sophie Young. Coxed by Amy Picton.

TURC New Years Head

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TURC New Years Head saw LUBC back on the Tyne, this time with 7 crews. This was a big day for our novices, as cancellations in first term meant this was their first race off the River Lune.


The Op8+ had high hopes after winning Rutherford and continued their winning streak by placing 1st in Band 2. The Op4+ continued the men’s winning streak, winning their Band 2 as well.

The women seemed to be the underdogs of the day, starting last in Band 1, whilst only having 2 weeks of rowing together prior. However they stormed through and overtook all of the opposition to become the fastest W4+ of the day.


Tyne was a baptism of fire for our novices, with a tough 4.5km in less than desirable conditions.

2 Op8+ were entered into Band 3. For their first experiences of racing, both boys crews performed incredibly – pulling in 2nd and 5th place respectively.

Against some tough competition, both womens W8+ raced in Band 2 coming 4th and 5th.

All of our Novice crews raced exceptionally well having only been rowing 3 months!