TURC New Years Head

By 26th January 2020Race Results

TURC New Years Head saw LUBC back on the Tyne, this time with 7 crews. This was a big day for our novices, as cancellations in first term meant this was their first race off the River Lune.


The Op8+ had high hopes after winning Rutherford and continued their winning streak by placing 1st in Band 2. The Op4+ continued the men’s winning streak, winning their Band 2 as well.

The women seemed to be the underdogs of the day, starting last in Band 1, whilst only having 2 weeks of rowing together prior. However they stormed through and overtook all of the opposition to become the fastest W4+ of the day.


Tyne was a baptism of fire for our novices, with a tough 4.5km in less than desirable conditions.

2 Op8+ were entered into Band 3. For their first experiences of racing, both boys crews performed incredibly – pulling in 2nd and 5th place respectively.

Against some tough competition, both womens W8+ raced in Band 2 coming 4th and 5th.

All of our Novice crews raced exceptionally well having only been rowing 3 months!

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